The Heartless Artichokes - Cassandra's Cassette Pack

The Heartless Artichokes - Cassandra's Cassette Pack

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One of our favorite artists -- The heartless Artichokes -- and one of our favorite breweries -- Transient -- combine for a space time collab that's out of this world.

This album tells the tale of two siblings separated by time, brought together by an old cassette tape. Eighteen year-old Cassandra Cole disappeared from Euclid, Ohio on September 29th, 2000. She was a loving daughter, inspirational older sister, and a phenomenally bright young student whose interests varied from hardcore punk music to basketball to theoretical physics. Then one day, gone, without a trace, leaving no indication of what could’ve happened to her after she left her house to leave for her shift at a local restaurant, as she did most Friday nights. She never arrived at the restaurant though and questions about her disappearance remain...until one day 20 years later when a mysterious cassette tape is found in Cassandra’s old bedroom. Listen to this tape to begin the search for Cassandra as you embark on a journey through space and time.

Get the cassette, along with a four pack of Tranisen't amazing Space Time Foam. This delicious Michigan DIPA is brewed with Enigma, Citra, Strata, and Zappa (!!!) hops.

Bring the Ziggy's exerience home during these hard times with this Ziggy's Bundle!