Kool Ade Kam Vs The Mucus Monster

Kool Ade Kam Vs The Mucus Monster


A comic book and CD from Washtenaw's own Kool Ade Kam. 

Nothing like a catching a cold in Michigan to get you down. But, what happens when that backed up phlegm takes a life of Its own? And will Kool Ade Kam ever beat the final board of NES's classic Mega Man 2?!?!

A Member of local rap group THE GOSTBUSTAZ, Kool Ade Kam was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Graphic Design. His love for comic books and rap music has always been a passion. With funky beats, super powered rhymes. Kool Ade Kam tries to deliver a soundtrack to a blue collard working artist from Michigan.