Kool Ade Kam : Legend of the Golden Mic Pack

Kool Ade Kam : Legend of the Golden Mic Pack


Bring that Ziggy's experience home and save some $$$. This pack comes with a comic book and CD from Washtenaw's own Kool Ade Kam, plus a 6 pack of Bell's Amber. 

After a long day and week working his day job, Kool Ade Kam gets a flat tire on 94. While changing his tire he notices a glowing light in a field nearby. See what happens when Kool Ade Kam discovers a golden microphone.

A Member of local rap group THE GOSTBUSTAZ, Kool Ade Kam was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Graphic Design. His love for comic books and rap music has always been a passion. With funky beats, super powered rhymes. Kool Ade Kam tries to deliver a soundtrack to a blue collard working artist from Michigan.