Kool Ade Kam - Escape From Ypsi/America

Kool Ade Kam - Escape From Ypsi/America


A comic book from Washtenaw's own Kool Ade Kam. 

In this sequel to Escape from Ann Arbor we find time is running out for rapper/comic artist, Kool Ade Kam. President Donald Trump has unleashed a deadly virus on to the United States population all while creating voter suppression tactics that will insure him a 2nd term. Can Kool Ade Kam drop off his absentee ballot in time to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election over Joe Biden? Or will him and his homies face lockdown over racist zombies? Wait...what???

A Member of local rap group THE GOSTBUSTAZ, Kool Ade Kam was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Graphic Design. His love for comic books and rap music has always been a passion. With funky beats, super powered rhymes. Kool Ade Kam tries to deliver a soundtrack to a blue collard working artist from Michigan.