Galen Bundy's Project 206 CD, Stickers, Poster

Galen Bundy's Project 206 CD, Stickers, Poster


WAY too proud to offer this pack, because when it comes to bands we have had here, audience members come up to us more when this one plays here. "WTF was that?" they say with a smile on their face..... This pack comes with a CD, a poster, and AT LEAST two stickers, so.......


A freakout jazz-rock ensemble based in Michigan, formed out of the mutual desire to push the boundaries of genre and their own musicianship. Taking influence from a range of music as diverse as Red Fang to Ornette Coleman; the intent of Project 206 is to create a sonic environment where preconceptions are smashed, and goosebumps raised.


Galen Bundy - Keyboard and Linnstrument

Peter Formanek - Tenor Sax

Joe Fee - Bass Guitar

Travis Aukerman - Drums