Crime Victims Dynamics in Motion Cassette Pack

Crime Victims Dynamics in Motion Cassette Pack


Bring that Ziggy's experience home and save some $$$!.  This pack comes with a Crime Victims Dynamic In Motion cassette, along with a can of DRAM's Lavender & Lemon Balm Sparkling Water plus their Cardamom & Black Tea Sparkling Water. 

An expansive collection of creepy-crawl, beautifully restrained head improv/psyjazz from the SE Michigan lifer duo of Ian Fulcher and Eric Wozniak, along with some special guests to change up/fill out the sound. Crime Victims are borne of the Michigan basement scene and it shows, but their sound is equally indebted to the Theatre of Eternal Music's drone adventurers, Fluxus tinkerers, AACM deep divers, and brainy UK free improv spankers.

FOR FANS OF: Wolf Eyes/Crazy Doberman, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Muhal Richard Abrams, Air (the Henry Threadgill one), Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Jac Berrocal, La Monte Young.