Upcoming Events

May 19  7:30 Joanna Sterling

May 20  8:00 Truman, Love Loss, We Will Rot, and Normal Park 

May 21  5-7 BSU Skyline Poetry Slam

May 21  8:00 springtime spark at Ziggy's!

May 22  8:00 EM SPEL (Chicago) & DR. PETER LARSON

May 26  7:30 Rev Quartet (jazz)

May 27  8:00 Bubak, Towner

May 28  8:00 Tanager, Joe Kaplow, Tchotchke, Joel Parkkila 

June 1   8:00 ÆPEX Fest: Opening Night Party at Ziggy's

June 2  7:30 Signal Quartet (jazz)

June 3   8:00 Anna Lee's Co. Featuring Shannon Lee & Dan Ripke

June 9  7:30 MoonGreen and Brian McFarlane (classical)

June 10 8:00 Punk Rock Explosion! featuring: Otto Parts, Las Drogas, Lawn Care

June 11  7:00 734 Saturdays (open mic/hip hop)

June 16  7:30 Jordan Rattner (jazz)

June 17  9:00 Caribbean Vibes

June 23  7:30 Estar Cohen, Ben Rolsten + TBD (jazz)

June 30  7:30 Gwenyth Hayes (pop/blues)

July 14   9:00 Curtis Eller





Ziggy's Hours

Regular Schedule
Thurs 6-10:30pm, Fri & Sat 6-11:30pm

Carryout & Online Pickup Hours
Thurs, Fri, Sat 4-Bar Close

*Must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol 


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Hours of Operation

Bar Hours

OPEN Thursday 6-10:30pm

OPEN Friday & Saturday 6-11:30pm 

CLOSED Sunday-Wednesday


Carryout&Pickup Hours

OPEN Thursday, Friday, Saturday 4-Bar Close

CLOSED  Sunday -Wednesday



Address: 206 W Michigan Ave. Ypsilanti, MI 48197



Music is one of those elements that contribute to a community's quality of life. Since opening in late Summer 2016, Ziggy's aimed to give music a home in Ypsi, a home that was comfortable and welcoming. A living room/listening room where the art could be challenging at times, but the surroundings were always warm and comfortable, and with a bit of that "What if Ziggy Stardust opened a bar?"-style.

We opened with an espresso machine and little else. We never lost that coffeehouse vibe as, in March of 2017, we added a liquor license and celebrated with a show pairing Philadelphia Free Jazz saxophonist Elliot Levin with legendary Detroit poet John Sinclair.

We have continued to be a local spot for music and gathering, we've hosted hip-hop, underground Detroit techno, jazz of all flavors, indie-rock, folk, art happenings, and R&B of the highest order. The love we've felt back from the community has been humbling and overwhelming, and just as our success was kicking, Covid-19 hit and halted what to be what was our biggest season yet. We had touring, avant garde jazz superstar Ken Vandermark coming that weekend, along with one of our biggest 734 Saturdays (our long-standing hip-hop night) planned. It was going to be a huge weekend, and our staff were excited and ready. Then the COVID-19 shutdown came in March 2020.

Since that time, we've created our Stardust alley bar starting late summer of 2020 and again in Summer 2021 (now closed for the season).  We launched an online ordering and carryout business for Beer, Wine, etc. in December 2020.  And on October 30, 2021 we opened back indoors (for the first time since Covid hit!) for bar service and events on Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays.  

Appreciate our artists, customers, and friends who have continued to support us in whatever form we take.  We love you!

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